By President Mark Farese
October 9, 2023

With the day approaching when kids will be transformed into little witches and goblins, their favorite super hero or just about anything that their imagination can come up with, here are some tips to keep them safe this spooky season.

-Make sure trick-or-treaters know to only approach familiar houses that have outside lights on –that is the signal that the homeowner/resident wants to give out candy
-Never enter a stranger's house or car
-Consider using make-up rather than masks. Masks obstruct vision, making it difficult to see oncoming traffic
-Wear light-colored clothing or add reflective tape to darker costumes
-Always carry a flashlight or an inexpensive battery-operated strobe light
-An adult should always accompany small children while 'Trick-or-Treating'. Older children should travel in groups for safety
-Consider handing out something other than candy - fast food coupons, sports cards and other novelty items make for safe treats
-'Trick-or-Treaters' should return home before opening candy and other treats – previously opened candy should be discarded