A Great Day For Racing
By Vice President Mark Farese
June 12, 2016

Once again, District 11 stood by at Raceway Park in Old Bridge for the NHRA Summer Nationals. The sun was bright and there was a strong breeze. Thankfully, our services were not needed again this year. We stood by with Hightstown Fire Dept. When not in the "hot box" at track side, we were to respond to anything that happened on the property. While there, we hooked up with Randy West, who is a member of the NHRA Safety Safari. Randy's grandfather was a member of District 11 many, many years ago. Attending were 2nd Asst. Chief Mike Einhorn, FF Kevin Byington, FF Steve Freeman, FF Nick Farese and FF Mark Farese. We would like to THANK the Fire Prevention Office of The Old Bridge Fire Dept, Dist. 3 for giving us the opportunity to stand by once again.